I call this when passive aggressive comes up against insanity. (eBolters)

by madmike, Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 09:02 (259 days ago)

Girl: hey please don't make me mad today
MM: ok you don't make me mad. or kick any pupies or eat falafel
Girl: i love puppies more than anyone
MM: then it shoudl be easy. Unless there is a falafel party.
Girl: u wouldn't understand
MM: You keep saying that as if I have never had falafel.
Girl: what u just wouldn't understand me at all today
MM: you have already eaten falafel havent you.
MM: Falafel eater!
Girl: no u just don't get it i have had a headache all morning and almost hardly could even breath okay
MM: Is that why you are eating falafel
Girl: no and whaat the heck is that
MM: its a small waffle. yummy but you seem to be fighting for them very hard. like a falafel cault or something.
Girl: oh but I'm not going to eat at all today okay
MM: then you are falafel safe.
Girl: okay whatever you say
MM: falafel
Girl: whatever

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