So with these new ISP privacy rules, I wonder where that leaves people like me who telecommute and deal with confidential stuff (eBolters)

by Frantoll, Thursday, March 30, 2017, 21:00 (257 days ago)

I haven't seen this written about or discussed anywhere, but there's a class of worker like me who primarily works from home. I'm connected to work via Outlook and Skype, but I connect through my household ISP (Charter cable, in my case). (I make a home office deduction for my ISP and office phone charges.)

My company has various clients, and we have NDAs, master agreements, etc. It's not like we're discussing nuclear technology or that our client will trust us with anything truly truly confidential, but still, there's always the possibility if something were intercepted it could cause issues.

Like if I sent an email with a client document as an attachment to someone else in our company, before I had no reason to worry but now if CHARTER wanted to, it sounds like they could legally just open up information I send and sell it to others?

I know it was always possible before for the ISP to intercept something like that and look at it, but it would have been a crime. Now, has it become part of a valid business model?

Is this going to fuck over people like me who work from home? I am NOT driving 4 hours each day for this already miserable job--the work at home part is one of the only redeeming aspects of it at this point. And I sure as hell am not moving up to fucking Simi Valley or thereabouts.

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