aight well it's been a while, nice to see some familiar faces back, be it ever so briefly (eBolters)

by Anna T notloggedin, Tuesday, April 04, 2017, 00:30 (253 days ago)

we moved to Austin about a year ago and yes we met Eck's wife and yes she's real and yes she's GORGEOUS, they look very happy and the dinner they made us was awesome. We haven't returned the favour yet because we're assholes and haven't got around to it.

Texas has been awesome so far. Yes it's hot as hell a lot. I don't much see the difference between suffering the infernal heat in NY and in TX, other than the fact that it's actually much much more humid in NY. It's grackle season, which means you have a choice between parking under a tree to keep the heat in your car to a screaming minimum but then you have to shell out $15-25 a week to wash the darn thing, and let me tell you - in both canada and NY, I think I washed the car maybe once a year MAX - usually around now to get all the salt off once it was certain there'd be no more snow. But the birdshit here is UNPARALLELED. I quite literally washed the car here more last summer than I did in the past oh, 10, 15 years? SO weird.

We live in an area Tyler Durden would deem as hell - there's an Ikea, Costco, Lowe's, Sam's, HD, BB&B, Target and every other large store you can dream up within a 10 minute drive, max. I love the anonymity of living in a city, everyone sort of looks past you or through you, which is AWESOME. People here also know how to treat intersections when the power's out, aka like a 4-way stop - that's new, NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY in NY did that. Well, nobody minus one, me. The food here is fantastic, the Austin animal shelter here is fantastic, we've done quite a bit of volunteering there, and basically the 2 huge drawbacks are that once again I'm super far from my family and there are no reasonably priced flights to west palm beach to see his family, everything flies into fort lauderdale which is kinda like flying into a rest stop on the NJ turnpike, except more people in wheelchairs.

So here we are. hugs all around <3

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